I’m Ashley, a.k.a the traveling pineapple! I grew up on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii and have been hopping around the world ever since. I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my college sweetheart, Wesley, and our Aussie Doodle, Leni. They are my world!

I took my first big leap into the world when I left my little rock in the middle of the Pacific for college in the Rocky Mountains. Leaving home opened my eyes to a whole new world of adventure. It’s in Boulder, CO where I really fell in love with the great outdoors – spending every minute snowboarding, hiking, and biking.

After college, I started planning more adventurous trips and day adventures for Wes and I. I curated a detailed travel guide for every place we visited that highlighted the best of food, luxury, cultural experience, and always incorporated an element of fitness. I would get so jazzed up to share my experiences with others but never had a medium to do so.

That is where this blog comes in! I want to spread the aloha about everything that has ever enriched and shaped my experiences in one way or another. For those who don’t like planning, but want a one stop shop for everything food, accommodations, and activities – this is the place. I hope my blog inspires and informs your future adventures.

Happy Living !