Sunday Series: A Quest for Coffee

I love coffee.
Obsessed with.
Addicted to.

Addicted seems like a strong word, but it’s only about as strong as how I take my cup of coffee.
Black. No cream. No Sugar.

Okay, now that we’re on the same page about how much I love coffee, you can understand why I’d bike 24 miles out of the way for it. Every Sunday, my husband and I have chosen a coffee shop destination to ride our bikes to. It’s been a fun way to burn some calories, and then reward our work with a refreshing cup of iced Joe.

Fun fact about me, my first job ever was as a barista at Seattle’s Best Coffee. Back in high school, before it was owned by Starbucks. The JavaKula (their version of a Frappuccino), was the impetus to my inevitable life long addiction to caffeine. Slowly transitioning to stronger, less sugary, more authentic coffee choices. Landing on my all time favorite pick me up – a quenching cup of Nitro Cold Brew.

Mmm, it’s about time for to refill my cup! Enjoy our Sunday Series, highlighting coffee shops around the Atlanta area.

Read Shop by The Merchant: This coffee shop hides out in a quiet little plaza called Vinings Jubilee. Not only do they craft a delicious & not-too-sweet Lavender Latte, they also sell a playful section of art and literature. From essential cocktail guides and children’s picture books to quirky reads like How To Survive in the Woods. They brew Stumptown Coffee which is generally considered a medium roast and known for their high quality beans. Their quaint Parisian-style patio is perfect for soaking up some sunshine while you slurp down your cup of joe.

Cafe Comma: Not sure when Vinings, GA become the city hub for good coffee, but this gourmet shop is the new kid on the block, and he delivers on so many levels. Offering exceptional brewed coffee in unique flavor profiles like charcoal and pistachio cream, each drink is crated like a piece of artwork by Jackson Pollock himself. Serving up concrete jungle vibes and an impressive lineup of sweet & savory toast options, this is the perfect spot for an Instagramable start to your morning.

Café Vendôme: Bringing the flavors of Paris to Atlanta’s front door, this authentic artisanal French Pastry Bakery & Café offers a refined and relaxed spot to pass a few hours while you sip on a cappuccino. Their coffee, sourced by Intelligentsia, is just the tip of the Eiffel tower though. The real magic of flavors is delivered in the form of handmade freshly baked croissants, macaroons and petite crêpes. I challenge you to find a better croissant in all of Atlanta!

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