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ICELAND: The Land of Fire & Ice

The Land of Fire & Ice earned it’s name from it’s dramatic diversity of landscapes – ranging from frozen glaciers to boiling geysers, towering mountains to hydro-powering waterfalls, and moss-covered volcanic fields to breathtaking fjords. Iceland is Mother Nature at her finest and an adventure paradise for any outdoor enthusiast. If you are willing to…


The Cinque Terre is home to a string of five charming seaside towns that stretch along the coastline of the Italian Riviera. Imagine stacks of pastel colored houses and lush vineyards clinging to steep terraces, trattorias dishing up fresh-caught Ligurian cuisine, and harbors coming to life with fishing boats and sunbathers. The Cinque Terre offers…

Sunday Series: A Quest for Coffee

I love coffee. Love. Obsessed with. Addicted to. Addicted seems like a strong word, but it’s only about as strong as how I take my cup of coffee.Black. No cream. No Sugar. Okay, now that we’re on the same page about how much I love coffee, you can understand why I’d bike 24 miles out…


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Aloha! I’m Ashley, a fun-size Hawai’i native with a love of all things fitness, food & travel. I work full-time in Corporate Supply Chain and side-hustle as a Pilates instructor in Atlanta, GA. My husband Wesley and I love to travel the world in search of unique experiences and breathtaking views in the great outdoors. I hope this blog inspires and informs your future travels!


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